UFCW 1189 and its negotiating committee reached a tentative agreement with Valley View Healthcare and Rehab and Heritage Court on November 9, 2020.  The parties agreed to a 3% wage increase on January 1, 2021 with an additional wage opener in six months on June 30, 2021 to negotiate further wage improvements.  In addition, the committee was able to secure a larger PTO max accrual, one additional day of funeral Leave, a 3% match to the Employer's pension plan, and important COVID language, including incentives.  The parties worked in unison to put the best offer forward and we believe we did

UFCW 1189 and Essentia Health (EH) have begun negotiations for our members to obtain a new contract. When EH purchased Mercy Hospital they agreed to recognize the Union but would not recognize our members' contract. In speaking with other employees and other Unions that are in the same process as we are, it looked as though EH wanted to gut the Mercy contracts. The only option before the committee was to bargain for a whole new contract. We knew the process was going to be slow moving and tough and it certainly is.

Keeping members informed about their rights and the resources our union provides is essential to protecting them on the job. As part of this effort, you can learn more about the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), which only protects those workers who are union members, and other federal labor and employment laws, which generally protect all workers, by downloading the Department of Labor notices can be found at:


Congratulations to the UFCW 1189 members at Galtier, New Brighton, and Rose of Sharon on the ratification of their new 3-year Collective Bargaining Agreement!  Members will receive a 3% increase retroactive to May 22, 2020, and another 3% increase on May 22, 2021.  Special thanks to the bargaining committee for all their hard work and seeing this process through.  

The Union and the Employer have met three times since July 30, 2020. Stevie Fure, Ola Schmelig, Joy Dolby, and David Michehl are your co-workers on the bargaining committee. As this is a first contract, negotiations will take a little longer than normal. This is because we are writing the entire contract to fit River Market. Bargaining virtually has been a learning process, but the committee has been doing a great job. At our last session, we spent the day discussing the grievance and arbitration procedures and just cause.

UFCW 1189 and Jerry's Enterprises has signed into a letter of agreement amending the current collective bargaining agreement to bring former Instacart work into the stores to increase hours opportunities for the members.  Regular part-time employees can obtain additional hours based on this agreement and not get left behind if they are willing and available to work.  With COVID-19, the demand for E-Commerce "click and collect" will continue to grow, creating more opportunites for additional work and hours.  Click on the link to view the signed letter of agreement