Today, April 28, is Worker’s Memorial Day, when we remember workers who lost their lives on the job and recognize the impact these losses have on their families and communities. This includes the many workers who contracted COVID and were lost as a result of working during the pandemic. Without these workers, the country would have collapsed, with no food, healthcare, or emergency services.

On April 25 and 26, the Union committee met with Kowalski’s to continue bargaining. By the end of the day Monday, the Union was ready to move on from language and present their economic proposal, including wages and benefits.


The Union and the Employer both dropped some language items, and agreed to language about Electronic Scheduling, which will improve the Union’s ability to service members and enforce the contract, and language changing the Funeral Leave to Bereavement Leave, which members can use to grieve even if they don’t attend the funeral of a lost loved one.

A tentative agreement was reached with Jerry's Enterprises on Friday, April 22, 2022 on both the Jerry's Cub/Jerry's Foods and County Market contracts.  Click on the respective links below to view specific details.  UFCW 1189 will be scheduling virtual Zoom meetings with the Jerry's Cub/Foods and County Market Meat Department members who are participants in the National Meat Pension Fund regarding the withdrawal from the pension fund and the lump sum payments into members' 401a accounts and will notify those members of the dates and times of these meetings. 

The Union and Employer committees have met in February, March, and April, with each session lasting three days but only four hours per day. So far, the Union has proposed language and the Employer has responded with their version, and since then each side has had an opportunity to suggest compromises. To date, the two sides have reached tentative agreements on 11 items. These agreements won’t be official until the contract is voted on, but until then the subjects are closed for bargaining. While 11 items might not sound like a lot, the Union committee feels like this is a great start.

On April 19, 2022 the parties met for the first time since the Employers broke apart on March 23, 2022.  After a full day of discussions on both the Union and Employer non-economic proposals, the parties were able to agree on gender neutral language, schedules printed and posted in seniority order, and strong health and safety language, which includes providing an ergonomic chair or stool for cashiers who need one for medical purposes when medical documentation is provided as well as guaranteed Union participation in safety meetings.  The Union's negotiating committee prepared the Union's e

The parties met on April 18, 2022 to continue negotiations.  Besides obtaining better safety and health contract language, as well as electronic schedules provided to the Union, not much progress was made.  The Employer continues to hold on their economic proposals and after a long day, an additional contract extension was signed through May 13, 2022.  We have scheduled May 11, 12 and 13, 2022 with the Employer, and at their request, an FMCS mediator will be present for these sessions.

The Union and the Employer met on April 12, 13, and 14 to continue bargaining over non-economic proposals. Non-economic issues are the issues that do not have a dollar amount attached to them but affect the day-to-day working conditions in the stores. The Union is committed to making sure the everyday work rules for members are the best they can be.

The Union Committee met with Lunds & Byerlys again on April 8 and finally heard their entire economic package. As a reminder, the Employer presented this as a total package, meaning the Union cannot accept part of it without agreeing to the entire thing. While some parts of the package seem agreeable, especially at first blush, there is a lot to object to in the Employer’s offer.